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A Journey of VoicesA Journey of Voices
Conversations Across time

Planned encounter Kyle lays down in the shade under the trees near the edge of the small clearing, as he often does, and looks up at the sky. “I don't want to just settle. I want something more, something extraordinary.” He is startled to see the outline of a person falling from the sky. Before he can react the person hits the ground with a bone cracking thud leaving a slight indentation in the ground next to him. “You can call me Jen. I'm a werewolf.” “My name's Kyle. I'm not like everyone else.” “This is embarrassing. I'm sorry. When the sun sets, I'll transform. I'll most likely kill you, and I'll eat you. Along with anyone else I can get my hands on before the sun rises.” He smiles, “I'll be fine.”

Affection's end “This is stupid and a waste of my time.” A familiar girl appears before her. “My names Chell, and you're going to regret this.” “My name's Angel, and I'm a dragon.” Angel looks away from her sightless stare which penetrates her soul. “You're a special kind of insane, aren't you?” Chell moves closer with her pressing gaze. She shyly whispers to the floor, “Maybe if you were a little more cooperative.” “No, Angel....I die in your arms, over a sea of trees half way between here and my homeland.” Angel wraps her arms around Chell, hugging her as tightly as possible “Please don't leave me.” “I'm sorry, but you'll just have to go without.”

Endless loop Overwhelmed with desperation, Kyle pleas, “I'm afraid. And I don't know who to turn to.” Liz embraces him. “Don't worry, Kyle. I'll protect you.” Her name's Liz and she's my little sister. She's just curious, and a little bit odd. “Am I normal?” “You seem fine to me.” Her response is genuine, but it frustrates him beyond rational thought. “Don't mess with me. Tell me. What the hell am I?” “Why would I do that?” She knows more than she lets on, but won't share without a reason.

Omnipotence “I'm here to help you.” A soothing voice's words fall in the mind of one in need. It's a convincing voice, but Kyle's not quick to trust. “If you say so.” “Just don't loose your way.” It feels more like an order than friendly advice. “But how do I do that?” “You have an angel looking out for you.”

Innocence “Are, are you Angel?” A timid voice calls from behind, but no body to accompany the voice. “I am, and you must be Samantha.” On hearing her name, she appears out of nowhere. “There's no reason to be scared around me and no need to hide. I'll protect you.” “Like you protected Chell?” “Look. I rarely make mistakes and I never make them twice. I'll sooner die myself then let your life end.” It's hard to hold back her anger, but she needs someone to care for.

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